KOW Steaks

Kowboy Steak Pack



Steak lovers rejoice because this is your ultimate foodie Wagyu stash.

With our KOWBOY Steak Pack, you’ll have top chef-quality at your fingertips and at the ready for incredible meals at any moment. Stock up for your own kitchen or gift this as an unforgettable surprise for someone you love.

  • 2 x “Kowboy” Tomahawk Rib Eyes
  • 4 x American Wagyu NY Strips 
  • 4 x 7 oz. American Wagyu Filets 
  • 4 x American Wagyu Rib Eye Steaks
  • 4 lbs American Wagyu Ground Beef 

Mac-daddy gift or ultimate foodie premium beef stash.  Top chef-quality at your fingertips and a $90 savings!

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