KOW Steaks

American Wagyu "Kowboy" Tomahawk Rib Eye


One of KOW’s most flavorful steaks, the Wagyu Rib Eye is hand-trimmed to perfection creating a balance between the eye of the rib and the rib cap.

Two sizes to choose from:  26-37oz. and 38-48oz.

Aged in house at Delmonico's in NYC, a show stopping presentation! Blow friends and family away at home or give it as the perfect gift!

"KOW is producing some of the best, most balanced meat in America. We choose to use KOW Ribeyes in our NYC Steakhouse" - Billy Oliva - Executive Chef of Delmonico's

Make this your go-to for the ultimate in at-home steak dinners. 

  • Rich, buttery & nutty depth of flavor.
  • Cook in a cast-iron skillet or on the grill.

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