KOW Steaks

Wagyu Bratwurst

After years of testing, we’ve created the best-ever premium Wagyu sausages.

With 3 different flavor profiles, these incredible juicy sausages are made with our custom top-secret Wagyu blend with absolutely no added fats or fillers.

So good you can cook them medium or medium-rare just like your favorite burgers. Make these the WOW factor at your next cookout. Each pack contains 4 bratwurst.

Philly Swiss Mushroom Bratwurst

We take our custom Wagyu grind and mix in fresh mushrooms and delectable Wisconsin Swiss cheese curds. These taste just like a mini Philly Cheesesteak and are the perfect show-stopping app for a party. Slice thin and enjoy! 

Jalapeño & Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst

Our custom Wagyu blend meets real jalapeño and Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds. Cook them up and experience the stellar balance of the nutty, buttery Wagyu with creamy cheddar and a perfect kick of spice.


Smash Burger Bratwurst

It's a Smash Burger disguised as a sausage and it's incredible. One of our best sellers!

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