Top 5 Best Cuts of Beef You Can Buy

With so many cuts of meat available, there are many to choose from, and some will be better than others. For example, there are over twelve different cuts for beef alone, and each is best suited to particular uses. When selecting the best cuts, it is advised to go to a butcher or a source that cuts their own, ensuring you get precisely what you are looking to buy. Therefore, when it is time to present dinner to your guests, you can impress your friends and family with your knowledge of fine meats.

Types of Cuts

Beef is cut into various pieces, with specific cuts of meat that exist within those cuts. Ribs are a popular choice, with ribeye, prime rib, short ribs, and back ribs all fitting into this category. A second category includes beef short loin cuts that include porterhouse, t-bone steak, filet mignon, and strip steak. The sirloin creates tri-tip, sirloin, and tri-tip roasts, while Chuck consists of the chuck steak, chuck roast, boneless short ribs, and flat iron. Wagyu beef brisket is a popular BBQ cut, while flank is mainly used for marinating and grilling. Finally, the short plate creates the hanger steak and skirt steaks, while the round is the source for rump roast and top round. Many of these cuts can also be turned into wagyu sausage for grilling. These are each labeled into categories based upon where in the cow they are sourced from and how they are cut. Within these cuts, 5 are the best cuts that you can buy. 

Top 5 Cuts

Some may differ in their own opinion of which cuts are the best, based on how they want to cook it and what meal they are making. Those who BBQ have a preference for cuts that cook well at a low temperature for a more extended period of time and accept the flavor of the sauces easily, while others who prefer to make a family meal of roast will prefer other cuts that are best cooked in the oven or crockpot and can be prepared easily. For example, wagyu cubes are great for kabobs, and for slow cooking in the crockpot. For those of you that appreciate Brazilian BBQ, you can even try some wagyu picanha steak, it has a deep rich flavor, marbled well, and is perfect for grilling over an open flame. 

Overall, the most popular cuts include the tenderloin, strip, ribeye, t-bone, and ribs. This does not directly relate to the best cuts, including the tenderloin, strip steak, wagyu beef ribeye tomahawk steaks, t-bone, and chuck. Choosing any of these will ensure that you receive the best marbling of the fat, which creates a more tender texture and retains moisture. Ribs are often more bone than meat, but they are easy to cook, easy to eat, and popular among large groups of people. 

Choosing the Cut for You

When selecting the ideal cut, it is important to choose it based on how it will be prepared and consumed. This can include meats for BBQing that are best able to soak up the flavors of the sauces, and that can be easily enjoyed with friends and family. On the other hand, steak cuts are very popular for sit-down meals of all types with family, and the t-bone and american wagyu ribeye offer a large piece of meat to eat that is flavourful and can be prepared in many ways, while the brisket works well for long stretches of cooking, is friendly with marinades, and is perfect for smokers. 

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